• Drawing


    "The drawing is the first stage of all plastic artwork , but it is also a specific genre in itself. It is in the drawing where we can see the creator's intention at its most pure". Josep M. Subirachs

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  • Sculpture


    The permanent collection is a truly anthological exhibition that brings together more than one hundred of the most representantive sculptures from each different period of Subirachs' career.

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  • Painting


    In 2004, Subirachs began a new period in which he began dedicating his time mainly to painting. The themes and motifs of his iconographic universe are recreated using a different technique.

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  • Graphic work

    Graphic work

    The graphic production of Subirachs is extremely prolific. Since 1970 he has been regularly dedicated to it, using mainly two techniques, etching and lithography.

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  • General Óptica

    General Óptica

    A collection that shows the many lithographs, medals and small sculptures that Subirachs has created for General Óptica for store openings and commemorative occasions.

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