Bibliography arranged by year: 1990-1999

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Bibliography arranged by year: 1990-1999


Text in a periodical publication
  • «A bust in the Palau of the Generalitat »


    La Vanguardia (newspaper), Barcelona, 16 October 1990, p. 16

  • Barrera, Joan

    «Anthological exhibition on Subirachs»

    El Periódico, Barcelona, 26 May 1990, p. 20

  • Bosch, Rosa Mari

    «Controversy in Tarragona about a monument by Subirachs»

    La Vanguardia (newspaper), Barcelona, 22 November 1990, p. 42

  • Bouso, Magda

    «Subirachs to talk on the eroticism of cities in Girona today»

    Diari de Girona (newspaper), Girona, 13 January 1990, p. 41

  • Caballé, A.

    «"Josep Ma. Subirachs (sic) sculpts "The Passion" in the Sagrada Família Temple in Barcelona"»

    Diari d'Igualada periódico de l'Anoia (newspaper), Igualada, 29 setembre 1990, p. 29

  • Capilla, Antoni

    «The Sagrada Família begins to grow»

    El Periódico, Barcelona, 24 March 1990, p. 21

  • Fàbregas i Dalmau, Camil

    «The temple of Gaudí, of Subirachs and...?»

    Diari de Sabadell (newspaper), Sabadell, 17 November 1990, p. 30

  • Fonalleras, Josep Maria

    «The crucifixion by Subirachs»

    Diari de Barcelona (newspaper), Barcelona, 13 March 1990

  • Fontbona, Francesc

    «Cas Subirachs. Després de la tempesta»


    Avui, Barcelona, 15 July 1990

  • Fontova, Rosario

    «Subirachs uses a bust of Clarà in his monument to Macià»

    El Periódico, Barcelona, 14 March 1990, p. 28


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